Basement Festival


Basement Festival was a 3 day event that focused on how creativity, collaboration and digital technology can empower citizens in the processes of city making. The festival was the launch of a residency for programmers, which will happen annually in the Red Bull Station of São Paulo. Amongst the activities, the workshop “Hackable City” with Martijn de Waal (Universidade de Amsterdam), the hackathon 9><23, Café Conserto, Laboratório Agri.cultura, the meeting of hacklabs e experimental labs, performances, international show Links Abertos (with the partnership of New Institute – Rotterdam, NL, de FACT – Liverpool, UK e do Art Center Nabi – Seoul, SK), bike hack, bike tour in the centre of  São Paulo, and the panel about public space with Martijn de Waal (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), Fernando de Mello Franco (Secretaria Municipal Desenvolvimento Urbano São Paulo), Marcus Bastos (ECA-USP e PUC-SP), Baixo Ribeiro (Instituto Choque Cultural), José Bueno (co-creator of Rios e Ruas) e Laura Sobral (co-creator of A Batata Precisa de Você). Curator: Gisela Domschke.


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