Nimk opens exhibition on the interactions of extraterrestrial light with the atmosphere and biosphere. Both the messenger and the message, both particle and wave, extraterrestrial light carries information about the entire universe into the eye of the beholder. As it unfolds into all the diverse structures of matter, eventually breathing life into some of them, light shapes its environment, and in turn, the environment reshapes light. Mastering this two-way tuning process can lead to ‘enlightenment’, as exemplified by recent breakthroughs in artificial photosynthesis, a nearly lossless translation of sunlight into bio-solar fuel. Earthbound solar, galactic and interstellar radiation can also be aesthetically harnessed to procure the optimal fuel for the human imagination. The Source reveals extraterrestrial light as an inexhaustible muse as well as a wellspring of clean energy for Earth’s inhabitants. Part of StudioLab, an EU art-science initiative, The Source will open with a presentation about artificial photosynthesis by biophysicist, Raoul Frese (VU, Amsterdam). Researching photosynthesis at the supramolecular level, Frese implements photosynthetic bio-polymers in hybrid solar cells and mimics photosynthesis using synthetic molecular compounds. “Every 90 minutes, the sun radiates an amount  of energy equal to the annual consumption of the world population. By the process of photosynthesis, plants, algae and certain bacterial species have mastered the direct utilization of this energy to power their metabolism. Now we must learn from the natural process. (R. Frese)”.


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